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Trekking in Sikkim | The Ultimate Guide with all details

Trekking in Sikkim
Trekking in Sikkim

Want to experience trekking in the lap of pure,unadultered nature?What better place can it be than Sikkim?

What makes trekking in Sikkim, a soul-satisfying adventure is its alpine landscape and biodiversity.A humble Himalayan state sandwiched beween Nepal,China and state of West Bengal,India,this tiny little state is a potpourii of everything exotic.From snow-capped Himalayan peaks,emerald green virgin lakes,vibrant valleys-you name it,Sikkim has it.The sheer variety of flora and fauna of Sikkim,being the natural habitat to huge number of species of birds,butterflies,orchids,wildlife and plants has rightfully earned it the nickname of-“Paradise of Botanists”.

Trekking trails in Sikkim takes you through verdant valleys ,meandering mountain rivers,mystical meadows.With blooming rhododendrons and occasional glimpses of natural springs and cascading waterfalls, you will enjoy the hustle of the trek while appreciating stunning vistas of Mt. Kanchenjunga.Whether you are a newbie or an experienced trekker, there is something for everyone-from easy,moderate and difficult trek.Stick around and lets have a look at the different trekking routes in Sikkim.

The cherry on the cake is the cost-effectiveness of trekking in Sikkim.The expenses of a trek expidition in Sikkim depends on the following factors:

  • The season in which you will be venturing.
  • The duration of the trek.
  • The region in Sikkim where you will be trekking.

Trekking in sikkim cost from as low as Rs 1,650 for short treks of some hours to a day and can go upto Rs 42,000 for a 17 day trek.Check out the page from Thrillophillia, an adventure company that organises trek expiditions to diferent corners of Sikkim.

Table of Contents

    Yuksom to Dzongri Trek

    The Yuksom to Dzongri trek is an easy to moderate trek.For amateuer trekkers who are just starting out, this is an excellent trek to build exprience and vigour for future expeditions.The base of the trek is at Yuksom, a quaint village in West Sikkim at a distance of 33 kms from Pelling.Passing through the dense forests of oak,willow,birch trees nestled within the Kanchanjunga National Park,the trail will take you along the Rathong river till Paha Khola bridge.This 5 hour trek journey is stunning amidst magnolia and rhododendron bloomings.Halt at Sachen and camp for the night.

    The following day continue from Sachen crossing Prek-Chu river to reach Bakhim village.Another hour of trek will take you to Tshoka village.Tshoka is a tiny settlement of esrtwhile refugees from Tibet.The trail from Sachen-Bakhim-Tshoka is quite arduous as it is steep and uphill.Rest for the night at Tshoka at the campsite or the Forest Rest House.The next morning continue to Phedang.You will encounter well-laid wooden trails but its is very rigorous uphill journey.Bit the perks of majestic mountain views and surrounding rhododendron forest will soothe the exhaustion of the trek.

    Once you reach Phedang by lunchtime and have your lunch break there, continue to Deorali Top. Another half an hour of grind and you will finally reach Dzongri at an elevation of 13000 ft above sea level.Camp near the Trekker’s hut at Dzongri as you call it a day.Rise up at early dawn to trek upto Dzongri Peak and experience one of the magical sunsets of a lifetime.You cannot afford to miss the majestic views of Mt kanchenjunga,Ratong,Pandim from Dzongri Peak.The feeling is indeed heavenly.

    • Ideal time for trek expidition: Autumn(September-November) or Spring/Early Summers( March-May).
    • Difficulty-Level: Easy to Medium
    • Base- Camp: Yuksom.
    • Trek-Duration: 9 Days counting bothways.
    • Elevation: 13,123 ft
    Yuksom to Dzongri trek
    Yuksom to Dzongri trek

    Dzongri to Goeche-La trek

    Dzongri to Goechela trek is basically an extension of the Yuksom to Dzongri trek.This is a moderate to difficlut trek but it offers you not only magnificent views of Kunchenjunga but 14 other prestigious peaks in thiis Esatern Himalayn zone.Let’s take a look at the Goechela trek itinerary.The base camp starts from Yuksom and the trail continues through meadows and river valleys of Sachen-Bakhim-Tshoka-Phadem and eventually upto Dzongri.

    You need to rest and get acclamatized at such high altitude environment for the further trek to Goechela pass the following days. Next day start out on a 5 hour trek which involves an initial ascent of few 1000 feet and then descend to Kokchurang.The trail from Kokchurang is a tough descend enveloped amidst coniferous forests and you will pass the beautiful Prek Chu river to reach Thansing.

    Thansing is a beautiful meadow carpeted with grassy vegetation.halt for the day at the camping site at Thansingh.Next day continue trek through flat meadows for about 2 hours till you reach Lamuney,which is also a meadow with green pastureland.Rest for the day at campsite at Lamuney.

    Next day is the toughest and most exhausting part of the entire trek expidition.Starting as early as 3 AM in the morning brace yourself for a steep uphill trail to reach a pristine alpine waterbody called Samiti Lake.Progress on to reach the Zemathang glacier which is mostly snow covered throughout the year.Continuing for another 2 hours will bring you to the Goechela pass.Finally you reached the destination.Treasure the magical views of Mt Kanchanjunga and other adjoining peaks in front of you.Dzongri to Goechela trek costs around 15,000 depending on which operator you are going with and the season of travel.

    • Ideal time for trek expidition: Autumn(September-November) or Spring/Early Summers( March-May).
    • Difficulty-Level: Medium – difficult
    • Base- Camp: Yuksom.
    • Trek-Duration: 11 Days counting bothways.
    • Elevation: 16,207 ft
    Dzongri to Goechela trek
    Dzongri to Goechela trek

    Yuksom to Pelling Trek

    Yuksom to Pelling trek is the perfect trek for beginners who have found a new passion in trekking.This is a low altitude trek and hence doesn’t demand the hardship of too much uphill steepy climb or altitude acclimatisation.This is a relaxing easy expidition that takes you through beautiful lakes,quaint villages,magnificent monasteries,mountain streams,lush green pine forests and that too in the midst of immaculate views of the mighty Himalayas.

    Start the day from Yuksom,towards Khecheopalri lake.The trail is mostly a descent downhill.Passing through Ramgayathang village and rathang Chu river, the trial is a descent downhill.As you continue and reach closer to the Khecheopalri lake, the trail will start ascending through dense forest whem eventually you reach Khecheopalri lake.The trail is a 4-5 hours journey,so you can rest for the day at a homestay or campsite.

    Next day head out for your next destination which is a beautiful mountain village called Darap.It is a 4- 5 houres trek.Passing through Melli Dara monastery, the trail gradually ascends and then gradullay moves down hill till you reach Rimbi river.Another hour of trek will bring you to Darap village.Halt for the day here at your hotel or you can choose to camp out the night at Darap.

    The most beautiful part of this entire expidition is the next day when you leave Darap for your final destination Pelling.First you will reach a meadow called Ghaddi Dara which offers mesmerising views of the Himalays around.Next,trek uphill till you reach Rani Dhunga, a massive rocky area which has mythological background.This too is a 4-5 hour trek amidst dense coniferous forested trail when finally you reach it a day at your hotel or homestay at Pelling and frehsen up for local sightseeing at pelling the next day.

    Enjoy the spiritual aura and scenic beauty of Pelling. Visit the holy monasteries of Pemayangtse,Sanga-Cholling and admire the Buddhist architechture and spirituality of the holy shrines.Pay a visit to the Pelling skywalk- a transparent glass footbridge that leads to the statue of Chenrezig- a sacred Buddhist mythological figure.

    • Ideal time for trek expidition: Year round.
    • Difficulty-Level: Easy
    • Base- Camp: Yuksom.
    • Trek-Duration: 4 Days counting bothways.
    • Elevation: 5,900 ft
    Yuksom to Pelling Trek
    Yuksom to Pelling Trek

    Hilley To Varsey Trek

    Varsey also vernacularly called Barsey is a rhododendron sanctuary in West Sikkim.Geographically seated at the ridge of the Singalila range,separating Nepal and India ,it also acts as a corridor connecting the kanchenjunga National Park in the North Sikkim and the Singalila range in the south.This Hilley varsey trek route is more like a nature walk as it can be easily completed in a 3 hours duration treading a distance of 4.5 km.The majority of the trek is through plain terrain amidst the sanctuary, however the final stretch of one and a half kilometer would require some moderate level steep hike.The trail is quite well-spread.

    The Varsey rhododendron sanctuary is a treat to eyes of nature-lovers as spring ushers the blooming of rhododendrons and the entire region is transformed into a forest of enchantment with bright red,pink and occasional white rhododendrons.That is why this trek is called Varsey Rhododendron trek.

    After arriving at Siliguri, take a bus or shared car to reach Jorethang.This is a 3 hour journey.Travel from Jorethang to Okhrey with a stop over at Sombarey and it would take around 4 hours to reach Okhrey.The base of the trek is from Hilley and it would take another hour to reach Hilley from Okhrey.It is recommended that you stay overnight at Okhrey otherwise it would be very hectic.You have to book a car to hilley and make arrangements with the same vehicle to pick you up on return journey.Overnight accomodation in Varsey is very limited.You can choose between Guras Kunj or Forest Barrack to rest for the night at varsey and then return back next morning.

    • Ideal time for trek expidition: March-April, which is the flowering season of rhododendrons.
    • Difficulty-Level: Easy
    • Base- Camp: Hilley
    • Trek-Duration: 2 Days counting bothways.
    • Elevation: 9000 ft
    Hilley to Varsey trek
    Hilley to Varsey trek

    Green Lake Trek

    Green Lake trek is one of the most difficult treks in Sikkim however it is one of the most scenic treks as it offers you with the most stunning views of Kunjenjunga and other adjoining mountains peaks like Mt Simvo, Mt Siniolchu.The trail is laden with picturesque alpine lakes,mesmerising meadows,coniferous forests like Pine,oak,willow.Green lake is a beautiful alpine lake that is located at the base of Mt KanchenjungaThe base of the trek starts at Lachen- a small town at North Sikkim.The trek route will take you through rigorous terrain full of hardships but will also prsent you awe-inspiring views of exotic orchids,rhoddendron bloomings and dense coniferous forests.

    Reach Lachen from Gangtok, which is a 6 hour drive.Halt for the night at Lachen and brace yourself for an adventure-filled expidition in coming days.A 20-minute drive to Zema from Lachen will bring you to Zema from where the trek expidition actually begins.Reach talem for a lunch break and this will be your halting ground for the night. The trail is quite arduous and laden with boulders and would take 5-6 hours to complete.

    Next day trek from Talem to Jakthang which will take around 4-5 hours.It is a relatively easy trail and laden with different varieties of rhododendron.Halt for the night at Jakthang at the campsite.Next day head for the Zemu glacier by starting your trek from Jakthang to Yabuk.Passing the Zemu glacier tread a very undulating uphill and downhill trail to reach Yabuk.Camp at Yabuk for the night.

    The following day is as rewarding as it is challenging.You will be mesmerised by the breathtaking views of Mt Siniolchu and Mt Simvo on your way to rest camp your final destination for the day.The trail takes you up to higher elevation which can be very exhausting.Upon reaching Rest camp call it a day and rest for the next day’s grind.

    The following day marks the last leg of the expidition, when you will reach the Green lake, the final destination.The entire route will enchant you with stunning views of majestic peaks of the Himalayas like Mt. Simvo,Mt. Siniolchu, Twin peaks,Nepal Peaks and last but not the least Mt Kanchenjunga.

    • Ideal time for trek expidition: March-May(Rhododendron blooming period), October-November(for clear weather and best views).
    • Difficulty-Level: Difficult
    • Base- Camp: Lachen
    • Trek-Duration: 16 Days counting bothways considering Bagdogra as start point.
    • Elevation: 16,190 ft
    Green lake Trek
    Green lake Trek

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