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My experience of living in a tent in Purulia

“Lal Paharir dese ja,ranga matir dese ja”-there is something very nostalgic about this folk melody from Bengal.The tune always reminds me of this place-yes,Purulia it is.Nothing can be as vivid in its description of Purulia, as this song is. Purulia-the land of red earth and hills is an alluring beauty.Plan your next trip to this mystical place, with this comprehensive Purulia tour guide.

Plan your next Purulia Tour in spring to see fiery red Palash bloomings
Plan your Purulia tour in spring to see fiery red Palash bloomings

Despite its rugged topography.Purulia is bestwoed with hills carpeted by sylvan forests,dams,lakes and waterfalls. This anamoly makes Purulia even more enchanting,a place of must visit.Additionally,if you are an admirer of art and culture, you cannot miss ths oppurtunity to visit the tribal communities and exlore their indigenous art and dance forms like Chauu,Jhumur and Pata Nach.

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    Purulia,the westernmost state of West Bengal,geographically it shares border with Jharkhand.It has been, historically, one of the remotest districts of the state.But in recent times it has been discovered as a hidden gem for tourism.Even in 2020,it is still much an offbeat kind of a place.Purulia is far away from being commercialised.Falling under the lowest fringes of Chotanagpur plateau, numerous undulating hills are dotted around the landscape namely Ayodhya Hill,Panchet Hill,Jaychandi Hill,Baghmundi Hill.

    Initiate your Purulia Tour with Ajodhya hill and forest reserve area

    Ajodhya Hill (vernacularly called Ajodhya Pahar in Purulia is a group of hill ranges in Purulia.Mythologically it is prevalent that Lord Rama and Sita stayed here during their exile period,hence the name Ayodhya Hills.Extending into West bengal as part of the Dolma Hills of Jharkhand,this rocky and uneven terrain is blessed by the nature’s best.Block your calender for an epic Purulia tour from Kolkata and get ready to be spellbound by the hidden treasures here.

    Lush green fields and grey clouds hovering over the Ayodhya hills,plan a Purulia trip from Kolkata in monsoons to experience this magic
    Monsoon magic ! lush green fields and grey clouds hovering over the Ayodhya hills

    Where to Stay

    Bon Polashi Eco Hut:

    Beware nature lovers, once you arrive at Bon Polashi resort, you might be hypnotized by the sheer ambience.Your Purulia tour plan must include a stay here.Bon Polashi is situated at a village called Muruguma which lies at the border of West Bengal and Jharkhand.This village is at a convineant distance from all the major attractions within Ajodhya Pahar belt.Undoubtedly,the USP of this resort is its location.Sitting at stone’s throw away from the Muruguma dam, this place offers 360 degrees panaromic view of the surrounding hills.

    Room information: There are 2 AC cottages , 3 non AC cottages and 4 tents equipped with all modern amenities.There is a dining cum sitting area where you can enjoy the solitude of the place and feel the calm breeze.

    Soak in the greenery,savour the chirping of birds,hike through the jungle around the dam or pay a visit to the nearby tribal villages.You can also enjoy cycling (provided by the resort ) around the resort amidst such wonderful scenery.Take a dip or two in the Muruguma dam or bathe in the Girguri stream, a tiny riveluet nearby.Don’t forget to hike up to the hilltop,locally called suicide point to witness one of the most spectacular sunsets of your life.Summing up,Bon Polashi is indisputably the best eco-tourism resort near Kolkata.

    Bon Polashi eco hut one of the best resorts in Purulia
    Bon Polashi Eco huts,Eco tourism done right at Purulia


    • You can request the resort management for bonfire,barbeque or bamboo chicken each priced at Rs 200,Rs 500, Rs 600 respectively.
    • You can request for arranging Santhal or Chau dance performnace by local artisans.
    • Enjoy Mourola mach bhaja on wintery nights here.
    Savour Mourolo fish fry at Bono Polashi Eco hut at Purulia
    Savour Mourolo fish fry at Bono Polashi Eco hut at Purulia

    How To Reach

    You can reach Bon Palashi Eco Huts by bus,train and car.

    The most convineant and fastest way is by train.

    By train:

    There are 3 railway stations that are accesible from Bon Palashi eco huts, Jhalda,Muri and Purulia junction.

    There are numerous trains plying from Howrah,Santragachi,Ranchi and Jamshedpur that you can catch and get off at any of the above stations.The resort arranges for transportation from railway station with applicable charges.

    • 12019/20 Howrah – Ranchi Satabdi Express .Get off at Muri station and it takes 1 hour to reach the resort from here.
    • 12883/84 Roopashi Bangla Express plying between Santragachi and Purulia Junction.Get off at Purulia junction and it takes 1 hour and 36 mins to reach resort from here.
    • 22891/892 Howrah-Ranchi intercity Express.Get off at Jhalda station and it takes 25 minutes to reach the resort from here.
    • 58011/12 Howrah- Chakradharpur Fast Passenger Express plying between Howrah and Purulia junction.Get off at Purulia Junction and it takes 1 hour 36 mins to reach the resort from here.

    By Bus:

    Purulia town is well connected with Kolkata,Durgapur,Asansol by service.Avail AC bus service of South Bengal State Transport Corporation(SBSTC) from Esplanade to Purulia town.It takes about 6 hours 50 minutes for the entire journey.The resort arranges for pickup from Purulia bus stop.

    By Car:

    The car journey is quite long and arduous as it would take more than 7 hours to reach here.However if you fond of long drives,you should drive down upto Muruguma to reach Bon palashi Eco Hit resort.

    The best and most convineant route is via NH19.Starting from 2nd Hooghly bridge (Vidyasagar Setu),take the Durgapur-Purulia-Raghunathpur road,continue to finally meet Ranchi-Purulia road and eventually Ajodhya road in Baradi to reach Muruguma.

    Weekend road trip From Kolkata to Purulia by car
    Weekend road trip From Kolkata to Purulia by car

    What To See:

    Curious about the different tourist spots covering Purulia sightseeing?There is so much diversity in this place that you will be tempted to visit again.There are quite a some beautiful tourist places in the Ajodhya hill and forest reserve area region.Let’s have a look at the major places of attractions.

    Muruguma Lake :

    Muruguma lake is a tranquil freshwater lake that is a part of the Muruguma dam.This is just at a walking distance from Bon Polashi Eco Hut.You can enjoy spectacular view of the surrounding Kenkechi Hills at the bank of this lake and then take a walk to the neighbouring tribal villages to explore thier rustic way of living.If you are an early riser you can go for small treks in the forest adjoining the lake for some bird watching activity.

    Beautiful Muruguma dam,prime attractions of Purulia Sightseeing
    Beautiful Muruguma dam,prime attractions of Purulia Sightseeing

    Ukumburra Hill

    An adventurous hike up the Ukumburra hilltop is absolutely worth the grind.Captivating sights of the Muruguma lake from the hilltop is something you will cherish forever.Don’t forget to catch a glimpse of the sunset from the hilltop.It is an hour long one way hike.

    Spell-binding panorama of Muruguma Dam from Ukamburru hilltop
    Spell-binding panorama of Muruguma Dam from Ukamburru hilltop

    Marble Lake:

    Marble Lake (Tarpania Lake) is an artifically created water reservoir.Its pristine, jade blue water is eye-catching.Hence it is vernacularly also called “Nil Jal”.The lake was created as a result of rock excavation for the manufacturing of a hydro-electric project. As a result the lake is surrounded by the remnants of the extracted rocks which adds a unique flavour to the beauty of this place.Savour Chana and Jhal mudi from local stalls as you spend some time at the edges of the lake.

    Start your Purulia sightseeing spree with Marble lake
    Start your Purulia sightseeing spree with Marble lake

    Bamni Falls

    A cascading waterfall descending from rocky slopes, Bamni Falls is situated just 3 kms away from Ayodhya hilltop and lies on the road to Baghmundi.There is no motorable road till the waterfall so you have to trek through mildly forested trail of trees and bushes passing through small tribal communities.The trail is slightly arduous and unevenly rocky.You need to hike down around 100 setps through boulders,tiny creeks to reach the waterfall.The dense canopy of spruce trees enveloping the surrounding of the waterfall will leave you in full admiration of its immaculate beauty.

    Bamni Falls,one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Ayodhya hills
    Bamni Falls,one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Ayodhya hills


    • Double bedded Cottage: Rs 1800
    • Triple Bedded Cottage:Rs 2100
    • Ac Double Room: Rs 2250

    Useful reviews and booking links for planning your Purulia trip:

    Tripadvisor page of Bon Polashi resort:

    Bon Polashi Eco Hut:

    Phone Number:

    • 033 4007 5510
    • +91-98743-61951

    Other notable places to explore during your Purulia trip are: Garhpanchkot,Baranti,Khairabera etc.

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