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The Perfect 4D/3N Dooars Tour Guide including itinerary

According to popular belief, there are essentially two kinds of travellers in this world-Mountain lover and beach lover.But believe me, there exists a third category as well- the forest lover. The people who fall under this group have a penchant for the jungles and are wildlife enthusiasts. If you are one of them,Dooars should be in your bucket list.

Dooars is a delight for nature lovers.Jade green forests,tea gardens and meadering rivers,nature has been extermely benevolent with Dooars.With a little help from this comprehensive Dooars tour Guide ,plan your next trip to this pristine beauty.

Plan a Dooars tour to experience Elephant Safari
Plan a Dooars tour to experience Elephant Safari
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    Dooars, a region primarily encompassing the plains of Dajeeling district,upper fringes of Cooch Behar,entire Alipurduar and Jalpaiguri districts of West Bengal, is truly a nature’s paradise.The place derives its name from the Bengali word ‘Duar’ which vernacularly means door.True to its naming, Dooars is the entrance to the Himalayas,it acts as a corridor connecting Bhutan and North-East with India.

    Why should you visit Dooars

    Resting at the foothills of the lower Himalayas,Doors is rich in flora and fauna.If you are an admirer of nature and its creations, you will be enchanted by the abundance of its biodiversity.This is the reason Dooars is engulfed with several forest reserves and wildlife sanctuaries.The dense canopy of tropical jungle serves as the perfect ingredient for wildlife tourism.

    Meandering River at Suntaleykhola,prime attraction of Dooars Sightseeing
    Meandering River at Suntaleykhola,prime attraction of Dooars Sightseeing

    It is the natural habitat of several endangered species like one-horned rhinocerous,bison,Chital and Sambar deer,elephant,sloth bear etc.Dooars also harbours a diverse species of birds like.This place is a wildlife enthusiast’s dream come true.Coupled with luxuriantly green tea plantations and gentle rippling Himalayan rivers like Teesta,Jaldhaka,Murti,Torsha the landscape is quite diverse.Need I say more?

    Visit Samsing tea plantation, one of the most beautiful tourist places in Dooars
    Visit Samsing tea plantation, one of the most beautiful tourist places in Dooars

    Dooars Sightseeing-Attractions and Activities

    Dooars is the crown jewel of all the tourist places in north bengal.From conventional tourist spots to offbeat places, there is something for every one.Let’s have a look at the different options Dooars has to offer.

    Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks

    Gorumara National Park:

    Once a forest reserve, Gorumara earned the status of a Wildlife Sanctuary in 1949 and eventually was declared a National Park in 1994.Co-existing with the rivers Murti and Jaldhaka since times immemorial,this national park rests right at the bank of Murti river.Strectched across an expansive forestland of size approximately 80 sq km, Gorumara is a Shangrila of greenery and wilderness.

    Enjoy jungle safari at Gorumara National Park and enjoy wildlife spotting

    Things to do:

    Watch Tower Visits:

    Watchtower trips tops the list of activities in Dooars sightseeing.There are several watch towers located at different core zonal areas within the Gorumara National Park -namely Jatraprasad,Medla,Chandrachur,ChukChuki and Chapramari watch towers.The watch towers offer sweeping vistas of the verdant forests.These can be reached via jeep safaris.The watch towers are strategically loacted in such a way that you can experience wildlife spotting of a wide variety of wild animals native to this region-like (copy from tripadvisor).If lucky enough you might spot herds of wild animals like (copy from tripadvisor) come out of the thick forests to lick salt from the mounds of salt licks,graze the grasslands and drink water from the small rivulets and creeks.

    Jeep Safari:

    The thrill of spotting different rare and endangered species while exploring the deep,dense jungles on a jeep safari sounds exciting.Isn’t it? The duration of the Jeep safari is about 2 hours including pick up and drop and you will be is accompanied by a tour guide and the jeep driver.Jeep Safaris are conducted in the morningas and afternoons in the buffer zone of the forest.The entrance to the forest of the National Park lies in Lataguri.Safari is initiated from the main road and then as the ride continues you delve deeper into the forest.If you are fortunate enough you can spot (copy from tripadvisor).

    Elephant Safari

    If Jeep Safari sounded exciting, Elephant Safari is even more adventurous.Hop on an elephant ride and traverse around the core area of the jungle.The elephant safari is exclusively available to tourists who can manage to book accomodation at one of the following eco-resorts under the administration of the West Bengal forest Department:

    • Gorumara Eco Village (Kalipur)
    • Gorumara Rhino Camp (Ramsay)
    • Gorumara Elephant Camp (Dhupjhora)
    Elephant safari in the deep forests of Gorumara is exciting

    Quaint villages and vibrant valleys:


    Among all the Doaars tourist spots,Murti is undoubtedly the most popular.A breathtakingly scenic valley surrounding the river Murti,it offers stunning vistas of the slopy hills and the lush green forests .Sandwiched between Gorumara National Park and Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary, Murti river valley acts as an ideal base for tourists for the sightseeing of all the prime attractions in the Dooars region.From exploring wildlife in Gorumara and Chapramari,visiting tea plantations to wandering in the sleepy hamlets of Samsing,Suntaleykhola you can indulge in all the activities from Murti.

    If you are adventure freak, you can indulge in camping,angling and trekking around the villages and hamlets on the banks of Murti river.The bank of river Murti is also a beautiful place to hang around and indugle in a picnic with your family.The silvery sand and abundance of pebbles on the river bank adds a unique beauty to the landscape.

    Murti River, must visit dooars tourist spot
    Murti River, must visit dooars tourist spot


    Looking for offbeat tourist places in North Bengal?Suntalekhola is the perfect destination for you.A humble hamlet,just 28 Kms from Murti which is just half an hour drive.A beautiful village ,decorated by orange orchards and gentle mountain streams, this place is rightfully called “Suntaleykhola” .This is becaues in Nepalese “Suntaley” means oranges and “Khola” means stream.A trek through the forests and village settlements is what your tired soul needs.

    From Suntaleykhola you can catch glimpses of the hills of Bhutan.The landmark of Suntaleykhola is a hanging suspension bridge which joins Samsing with Suntaleykhola.Bird-watching enthusiasts can sight exotic species of birds like Pond Heron,Hill Patdrige,Green Magpie.Suntaleykhola is also the doorway to Neora Valley National Park which is a trekkers paradise.

    Hanging bridge connecting Samsing with Suntaleykhola,offbeat destination in Dooars
    Hanging bridge connecting Samsing with Suntaleykhola,offbeat destination in Dooars

    Beautiful Tea Plantations:

    Dooars adorns several picturesque tea plantations. You can even opt for stay at a tea garden resort.Some of the renowned tea estates in Dooars are

    Fagu Tea Estate:

    From the British times,Fagu tea estate is still going strong with the tea business.The British bunglow which has been in existence since the colonial era exudes an aristocratoc charm amidst the vast swathes of tea garden.It is located just 20 kms from Malbazar and 32 km from Gorumara National Park.With well-manicured lawns and gardens, this tea estate offers a pleasant stay along with the convineance of visiting the major dooars tourist places.

    Fagu Tea Estate,beautiul heritage tea resort in Dooars
    Fagu Tea Estate,beautiul heritage tea resort in Dooars

    Appu Tea Estate:

    Located just 6 Km away from Gorumara,Appu tea estate, is a beautiful property in Lataguri.The USP of this place is that you get to visit Gorumara National park,Murti and Chapramari wildlife sanctuary in very close proximity.Additionally they arrange for bornfire,barbecue,jungle walks and are euipeed with all modern amenities.

    Best time to make dooars tour plan:

    The best time to visit Dooars is post monsoons i.e. in autumn or winters.The atmosphere and the ecology of the region gets a fresh transformation after monsoons.The rain-fed jungles and mountain streams are in full vigour and splendor in these months.Winters are so pleasant because the temperature and humidity is ideal for taking safaris and treks.Dooars is annually closed for tourism from June to September since these months encompass the rainy season and is the breeding time for the wild animals.

    Where to Stay at Dooars:

    Tourists visiting Dooars generally stay at either Lataguri or Murti since from both these places you can visit the major sightseeing attractions.There are several government run as well as privately owned resorts,hotels and even homestays where you can put up.In this Dooars tour guide, we have compiled the best accomodations available in Dooars keeping in mind the affordability.


    Hotel Dreamland,Lataguri :

    Aranya Jungle Resort :

    Murti Tourist Lodge:

    WBFDC Suntaleykhola Resort:

    Humro Homestay Suntaleykhola:

    Itinerary for a 4D/3N Dooars Tour

    Since Dooars is quite a vast region encompassing multiple districts of West Bengal, there can be multiple itineraries according to what you want to see.However,you can follow this dooars tour plan of 4 Days and 3 Nights as it covers all the prime attractions and activities in this area.

    Chilapata Forest in Dooars
    Chilapata Forest in Dooars

    DAY 1: Reach Murti and check-in to your Hotel:

    Reach Malbazar From Sealdah via any train whose final destination is NJP.Check-in to your hotel/resort in Murti.Book the early morning jeep safari in Gorumara for the next day.Pay a visit to the Rangamati tea estate in the afternoon.

    DAY 2: Jeep Safari and visit to nearby villages:

    Enjoy the morning Jeep Safari in the forest of Gorumara National Park.Book the watchtower visit tickets in the afternoon for the next day.Post lunch embark on a sightseeing trip to the hamlets of Jhalong,Bindu,Pareng which lie besides the Jaldhaka river.Dont forget to book tickets for the Chapramari jeep safari next morning.

    DAY 3: Enjoy safari at Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary in the morning.Post lunch return back to Gorumara for the afternoon watch tower trips.

    DAY 4: Next day visit the villages of Samsing and Suntaleykhola.Post lunch return to Malbazar Junction to board Sealdah bound train.

    If you are bored of visiting Mandarmani ,Digha and other usual places near Kolkata, its time to break the monotony.Come visit Dooars,it will embrace you with warmth and love.

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